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girl touching a worm by April Nienhuis

Adventures with a Nameless Worm

Had you told me 3 or 4 years ago that my kids would love and want to hold worms I wouldn’t have believed you. IView full post »

Kids at the Tulsa Admiral Twin drive-in watching the Minion Movie by April Nienhuis

A trip to the drive-in

Heading to the drive-in is a favorite Summer activity of mine. I remember watching the first Jurassic Park there as aView full post »

storm clouds in Oklahoma by April Nienhuis

Aperture Rebellion: 7 reasons to use a smaller f-stop

As much as I love a large aperture, there’s plenty of great reasons to shoot with a smaller one. This is a topicView full post »

picture of my 3 kids by April Nienhuis

To a T

Sometimes things just fall perfectly into place. On this evening, I asked for one kid, my goal of taking a comparisonView full post »

yellow flowers growing in the yard by April Nienhuis

Little Yellow Flowers

Some days are just good for exploring your own yard. You never know what kind of pretty things you’ll find andView full post »

backlit tree leaves by April Nienhuis

A walk around downtown Tulsa

I think you officially hit bad blogger status when it takes you 18 months to blog something. But in honor of thisView full post »

neighborhood kids selling worms by April Nienhuis

Worm Circus

Technically it didn’t start out as a Worm Circus. It began as selling worms for 4 bucks a pop but after parentalView full post »

A lightning storm at Keystone Lake in Northeast Oklahoma photo by April Nienhuis

How to photograph lightning

I really love storms. You know how some people get excited for the first snow of the season? Well, I get excited forView full post »

A lightning storm at Keystone Lake in Northeast Oklahoma photo by April Nienhuis

Snap Crackle Pop: a beautiful lightning storm

What do you do when you’re a photographer and weather geek and your neighbor sends you a text at 8:30 at nightView full post »

goofy girl posing in silly ways for the camera by April Nienhuis

She always keeps it interesting

All I wanted was to play with the light a little. I didn’t even really need her to pose or even look at theView full post »

boy sitting on a coffee table reading an underwater animal book by April Nienhuis

book reading turned yoga session

Um, I don’t even know. He gets his need to wiggle from his father. I thought I was just photographing him readingView full post »

indoor and outdoor snowball fight photo by April Nienhuis

the unconventional snowball fight

We don’t get a lot of snow here in Oklahoma but this particular weekend we got almost 6 inches – perfect toView full post »

5 year old coloring photo by April Nienhuis

one for the coloring books

Of all my kids, none of them enjoys coloring as much as this one. The other two like it, but this girl loves it. SheView full post »

rolling dough by April Nienhuis

homemade apple pie

I just made myself hungry putting this post together. I love making apple pie. I don’t make it too often becauseView full post »

Canon lenses of April Nienhuis

all my photo gear in one spot

I love seeing what photography gear others use so I thought I’d put a little post together showing y’allView full post »

kids sliding down a hill on boxes photo by April Nienhuis

box sledding

A few days ago I heard some squealing from outside.  Taking a peek, I see half the neighborhood kids, mine included,View full post »

mom holding newborn daughter photo by Oklahoma photographer April Nienhuis

baby sarah: 1 of 21 grandkids

Yeah, you read that right, this beautiful little nugget is 1 of 21 grandkids (or grands as my mother-in-law calls them)View full post »

kids listening to dan and louie bible stories on the ipod photo by April Nienhuis

sharing memories

Swimming, tetherball, playing on the mustard and ketchup at the ball fields, hanging at Grandma Jan andView full post »

black and white photography with a scrim to filter light by April Nienhuis

black and white

Just a few new shots of each of the kids that I got last month.View full post »

our linus by April Nienhuis


We had another one down and out over here this week. I love how this one, our very own Linus, finds comfort in hisView full post »