Swimming, tetherball, playing on the mustard and ketchup at the ball fields, hanging at Grandma Jan and Pappy’s… my head is full of childhood memories with my BFF.  One of the strongest memories, and one I’ve wanted to share with my own children, is listening to Dan & Louie before bed.  Okay, so ventriloquy dolls are a little creepy to look at but Louie and his “dad” Dan are great storytellers.  Every night I stayed over at Brooke’s house, we’d snuggle up under the covers – never quite ready for sleep – and listen to another bible story told by Dan & Louie.  Sure, we knew the stories, but it never stopped us from listening intently with a few giggles thrown in.  Tonight, I introduced my kids to this childhood memory of mine.  Finn may not be convinced yet, but the girls loved listening to them.

kids listening to dan and louie bible stories on the ipod photo by April Nienhuishearing bible stories on the ipod picture by April Nienhuis

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    Brooke - I haven’t thought about the ketchup and mustard in forever!ReplyCancel

We had another one down and out over here this week. I love how this one, our very own Linus, finds comfort in his tattered old blue blankie when he’s feeling down. He never cared much for a pacifier but perhaps all those nights of keeping him wrapped up tight like a burrito is what triggered his love for this strip of fabric. A couple years ago he expressed his desire for a new blanket since this one is so torn but when I brought home a new one, the exact same blanket only fresh from the package, he quickly cast it aside and returned to the original. This week, for a short while, he held it tight while his tummy healed.

our linus by April Nienhuis


A little Lensbaby love on a photo walk in Phoenix that we had while there for Imaging USA.

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    Caroline - LOVE! I adore how I know your images immediately. You always capture a serenity that is palpable. Love it!ReplyCancel

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    Celeste Pavlik - Sorta strange how you saw the same thing I did but you make it look SO much more gorgeous!! Beautiful work my friend!!ReplyCancel

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    Sarah Vaughn - So very beautiful. I love the depth and mystery that is in your work.ReplyCancel

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    Jessica - I love the mystery and use of light in these–really wonderful!ReplyCancel